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Club name 深圳市翠园中学Cuiyuan
Shirt colors Red / Red
Teams Boys 14, Boys 15
Country China

11 games played


About 深圳市翠园中学Cuiyuan

深圳市翠园中学Cuiyuan was one of 140 clubs from China that had teams playing during Gothia Cup China 2017. They participated with two teams in Boys 14 and Boys 15 respectively. The team in Boys 15 made it to the the 1/4 Final in Playoff A, but lost it against Bath&Wiltshire by 0-1.

深圳市翠园中学Cuiyuan comes from 广东省深圳市 which lies approximately 1600 km from QingDao, where Gothia Cup China takes place. The area around 广东省深圳市 does also provide 7 additional clubs participating during Gothia Cup China 2017 (深圳南山二外Nanshan Erwai, 深圳市辉野体育Huiye Sports, 深圳新桥少年足球队Xinqiao Boys, 启德南美足球俱乐部Lanmor, Chelsea Soccer School (HK), Wolves FC and 大江足球俱乐部Dajiang).

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