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沈阳城市足球俱乐部SY City

Club name 沈阳城市足球俱乐部SY City
Shirt colors
Teams Boys 10, Boys 11, Boys 12
Country China

13 games played


About 沈阳城市足球俱乐部SY City

沈阳城市足球俱乐部SY City was one of 140 clubs from China that had teams playing during Gothia Cup China 2017. They participated with three teams in Boys 10, Boys 11 and Boys 12 respectively. The team in Boys 10 made it to the the 1/8 Final in Playoff A, but lost it against 沈阳南京一校Nanjing NO.1 School A by 1-2.

沈阳城市足球俱乐部SY City comes from 沈阳 which lies approximately 690 km from QingDao, where Gothia Cup China takes place. The area around 沈阳 does also provide 12 additional clubs participating during Gothia Cup China 2017 (Among others: 沈阳飞虎足球俱乐部Flying Tiger, 沈阳南京一校Nanjing NO.1 School, 沈阳足校Shenyang Sports, 沈阳22中SY NO.22 School, 沈阳27中SY NO.27 School, 辽宁传媒学院LNCM University, 沈阳路官小学LG Primary School, 朝阳升起SY Rising Sun, 沈阳19中SY NO.19 School and 沈阳浑南一小Hunnan NO.1 School).

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