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Tokyo Verdy东京绿茵

Club name Tokyo Verdy东京绿茵
Shirt colors Green / White / Green
Teams 精英赛Elite 12, 精英赛Elite 17
Country Japan

11 games played


About Tokyo Verdy东京绿茵

Tokyo Verdy东京绿茵 was one of 6 clubs from Japan that had teams playing during Gothia Cup China 2018. They participated with two teams in 精英赛Elite 12 and 精英赛Elite 17 respectively. Two teams played until Final in Playoff A; 精英赛Elite 12 lost against 乌干达KJT by 1-5 and 精英赛Elite 17 lost against 日本中央学院高等学校 by 0-1.

The area around does also provide five additional clubs participating during Gothia Cup China 2018 (AOBA FC青叶, J-L Juniors日本J联赛队, FC Gifu岐阜, Vissel Kobe 神户胜利船 and 日本中央学院高等学校).

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