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Valenzuela City瓦伦苏拉城

Club name Valenzuela City瓦伦苏拉城
Shirt colors White / Black / White
Teams Boys 11, Boys 12
Country Philippines

8 games played


About Valenzuela City瓦伦苏拉城

Valenzuela City瓦伦苏拉城 was one of three clubs from Philippines that had teams playing during Gothia Cup China 2018. They participated with two teams in Boys 11 and Boys 12 respectively. Two teams played until 1/8 Final in Playoff B; Boys 11 lost against 城阳区实验二小 CYQSYEX by 0-1 and Boys 12 lost against 左翼FC Left wing by 2-5.

The area around does also provide two additional clubs participating during Gothia Cup China 2018 (Quezon City 奎松城 and 菲律宾Laos FC).

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