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深圳翠园中学 Cuiyuan

Club name 深圳翠园中学 Cuiyuan
Shirt colors Red / White / Green
Teams Boys 10, Boys 11, 精英赛Elite 11, Boys 14
Country China

18 games played


About 深圳翠园中学 Cuiyuan

深圳翠园中学 Cuiyuan was one of 103 clubs from China that had teams playing during Gothia Cup China 2018. They participated with four teams in Boys 10, Boys 11, 精英赛Elite 11 and Boys 14 respectively. The team in 精英赛Elite 11 made it to the the 5-6 in Playoff Aand won it over 上海金山精英队 Shanghaijinshan by 3-0.

The area around does also provide 102 additional clubs participating during Gothia Cup China 2018 (Among others: 洛阳瀍河区机车小学龙惠 long-high FC, 青岛海西超越俱乐部, 邯郸市起航Handan Qihan, 青岛育成 Qingdao Yucheng, 上海普陀足校SH Putuo, 上海文来中学 Wenlai MS, 上海申蕊FC Shanghai Shenrui, 沧州绿茵之星FC Lvyin, 南京枫帆FC NJ Fengfan and 山西格致中学龍騰青训 Longteng).

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