Club name AWAKE(觉醒)足球俱乐部
Shirt colors
Teams Boys 09, Boys 11
Country China

10 games played


About AWAKE(觉醒)足球俱乐部

AWAKE(觉醒)足球俱乐部 was one of 145 clubs from China that had teams playing during Gothia Cup China 2019. The team in Boys 11 made it to the the 1/16 Final in Playoff A, but lost it against 无锡超越足球俱乐部chaoyue fc by 1-6.

The area around does also provide 144 additional clubs participating during Gothia Cup China 2019 (Among others: 深圳FC116, 青岛SuperBoys, 国际大连F.C.足球学院, 城阳区G10精英队CY10 elite fc, 周恩来红军中学Enlai FC, 郑州市二七区淮河东路小学hhdl fc, 黑龙江省军腾足球俱乐部junteng fc, 天津天海俱乐部Tianhai fc, 琼中女足管理中心qiongzhong fc and 青岛中能足球俱乐部QD zhongneng fc).

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